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"Group company" group general manager

Job description: 1, assist the policy makers to formulate the company development strategy, responsible for its function in the field of short-term and long-term decision-making and strategy, an important impact on the company's long-term goals to achieve. 2, supervision, control of the entire process of implementation, responsible for the operation results, organize the implementation of the financial budget plans and profit distribution, use, plan, etc.; 3, set up organization system and business system, responsible for the construction of the senior management team, the selection and mid-level managers, examination and approval of the company's internal management organization setup scheme and the basic management system; 4, comprehensive management of the company's management work, set up the annual performance targets and business development strategy, the overall marketing planning scheme, realize the goal of enterprise management; 5, company related indicators, annual development plan, promote and ensure the smooth completion of the operation indicators; 6, planning to promote and organize and coordinate major operations plans, tracking of market development and strategy adjustment; 7, the company's business strategy, the establishment and perfection of operation rules, policies and processes; 8, constantly optimize the distribution of the company's human resources, enhance the company's overall organization ability. 9, each related department's strategy development and business planning and execution of the business guidance and assessment of the subordinate section and personnel. Job requirements: 1, age: 35 to 50 years 2, more than 15 years catering industry senior management experience; 3, in the systematic management, and enterprise commercialization has unique experience and insights 4, with advanced management concept, outstanding team management ability, and innovative spirit Interview: xi 'an area not ended 4789 ShangJi grass land industrial park road Bus route: take bus 901/238 grass land three road on the way out of the car, after you get off to the west 50 meters Contact: ms zhang Contact phone number: 14709279299
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